Baifan Zhou – Postdoctoral Researcher

Data Science

Baifan Zhou is a Research Associate at SIRIUS Research Centre of the University of Oslo. He did his PhD at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Bosch Corporate Research.

His research interests focus on combining machine learning and semantic technologies to facilitate AI development for Industry 4.0, including Digital Twins, Digital Requirements, etc. He has been actively working on (Big) Data Analytics, Feature Engineering and Representation Learning for Large Scale Quality Monitoring in Manufacturing, and Semi-Automated Machine Learning with Semantic Technologies. He has participated in multi-disciplinary projects in chemical industry, manufacturing industry, speech recognition, and robotic control, where he has collaborated with experts from distinct disciplines like data scientists, ontologists, and engineers. Baifan’s work has led to 11 publications and 6 patents, including top-tier conferences and journals such as ISWC, CIKM, etc.