Enabling digitalization in and beyond the oil and gas industry

World-class research in formal methods, semantic technology, database integration, scalable computing, data science and industrial digital transformation

Research-based tools and methods for digitalization

Application to beacon projects in subsurface, operations and engineering

Rich collaboration between oil companies, service companies, IT vendors and researchers

Laboratories for data sharing and scalable data access

Our Beacon Projects

SIRIUS’ innovation work is organized into beacon projects. Our idea is to identify broad but distinct areas where scalable data access could benefit industry and broader society.

SIRIUS’ beacon projects span the boundaries between computer science academics, information technology vendors and applications in oil & gas, medicine and environmental applications. They are designed to take the results from SIRIUS’ research programs and show how they can create innovation and changed business models in our partner companies. Each beacon addresses a pressing need in an industry and seeks to meet this through prototyping and piloting of SIRIUS’ research results.

Our Research Programs

In 2018, SIRIUS introduced the concept of research programs, renewing and replacing the research strands that we had when the centre first started. These research programs focus on the technology components and research-based methods that we need to deliver results for the business beacons.

These technology components and methods are also innovative products in their own right.

Our Centre

SIRIUS is a Norwegian Centre for Research-driven Innovation that addresses the problems of scalable data access in and beyond the oil & gas industry. The centre combines public funding for basic research with funding from its industry partners into an 8 year programme for industrial innovation. The centre started 1st November 2015 and will, according to plan, finish 31st October 2023.

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Our Partners

SIRIUS draws together a consortium of leading industrial organisations across the oil & gas value chain, including operators (Equinor), service companies (Schlumberger, Aibel, Aker Solutions, Robert Bosch GmbH, DNV and TechnipFMC) and IT companies (Computas, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Evry, IBM, Kadme, Numascale, OSISoft and SAP).

We widened SIRIUS partnership to better meet the needs and interests of Small and Medium Enterprises. As a result of this initiative we welcomed Billington Process Technology, ONTOPIC, Oxford Semantic Technologies and Prediktor as partners from 1st July 2020, Envester and metaPhacts GMbH from June 2021 and Bouvet from March 2022


In SIRIUS these companies work with researchers from the University of Oslo, NTNU, the University of Oxford, Simula Research Laboratories and SINTEF.

The broad set of partners in SIRIUS means that we have to work hard to involve the partners. To help us in this we have used the University Partnership Canvas method.

SIRIUS Annual Report for 2021 is published and available under Results and downloads. In case of any questions, please get in touch with Adnan Latif    ...

In Jan 2022, SIRIUS general assembly approved the accession of Bouvet in SIRIUS through an electronic vote. We have now completed formalities, and Bouvet is our new...