Elena Parmiggiani – Associate Professor

Industrial Digital Transformation

Elena Parmiggiani is associate professor at NTNU. She studies the interplay between technical and social aspects involved in digitalization efforts. Her aim is to contribute to SIRIUS by generating researchable problems at the boundary between academic and industrial aims. She uses qualitative methods to generate data, including observations, interviews, and document analysis. Currently, she is involved with three activities in SIRIUS related to data provenance in oil and gas exploration, hybrid reasoning in interpretation of exploration data, and enhancing data-driven workflows in service outsourcing organizations. In addition, with the University of Oulu she is part of a project to study the development of a pan-European digital platform for environmental data management and sharing.

Scientific interests: digitalization, work practices, oil and gas, environmental monitoring, qualitative research methods

What triggers me scientifically: Research problems at the intersection between the academic and the industrial world, especially related to sociotechnical issues of system integration and standardization. I am also fascinated by politically relevant settings, as mirrored by my engagement with the two empirical domains of oil and gas and environmental research.



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Elena was interviewed for the 2017 SIRIUS annual report. You can read this article here.