European Research and Innovation

We believe that European Programs is a natural source of support and financing for SIRIUS’ beacon projects. Successful participation in these programs requires effort and investment in building networks and alliances with European companies and researchers.

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European Private-Public Partnerships

The centre is an active participant in the European digitalization agenda through membership in two cPPP organizations: the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and A.SPIRE (cPPP for the process industries). The Hybrid Autonomous Organization structure in SIRIUS makes it necessary to engage in two fora in Europe – one related to IT vendors, the other to IT users. This dual role has been recognised and SIRIUS will be working in 2019 in a role that seeks to bridge the common interests between BDVA and A.SPIRE.

European Projects

SIRIUS’ research and innovation program built on three EU projects that concluded in 2016 or 2017: Optique, Envisage and HyVar. A follow up to Optique was proposed in the ICT15 call in 2016, but did not fit the profile of funded projects. We participated in an MSCA call in early 2018, again without success, although this proposal, without us, but with the CIRFA SFI, succeeded in a Horizon 2020 call later in 2018.

Geir Horn, the leader of SIRIUS’ Scalable Computing research program, is also coordinator of a H2020 ICT project called MELODIC (ICT-731664). SIRIUS will provide data access use cases that will demonstrate the applicability of the cloud infrastructure developed here.