The level playing field that business once played upon is gone. Companies that exploit digital opportunities can change the game to their advantage. The constant flow of new digital solutions and business models provides companies with the chance to advance. But choosing the best opportunities can be business critical. At TietoEvry we partner with customers to create digital advantage. By introducing fresh insight and expertise we help you navigate new opportunities; helping you run your IT Systems – modernize your business – and innovate new, game changing solutions.

With a ten-thousand strong team, based in offices across Europe and Asia, we provide Infrastructure, Consulting, and, most important in the SIRIUS setting, Digital Business Development to the Nordic region. Over fifty years of success has earned us deep industry experience across many business areas, including oil and gas and healthcare. We work with the most innovative players in the market: IBM Watson, Method ‘Design Thinking’ and Christian Michelsen Research on IoT. By hiring fresh top-notch candidates straight out of university (“100 digital talents”), we get access to the latest advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and cognitive solution. From our Cognitive Centre of Excellence in Ukraine we can deliver solutions that use more powerful techniques and tools than traditional software. EVRY’s Digital Transformation team in Bergen can then analyze, develop and program solutions that can drastically change the way you work, the way you interact with customers, or even your whole business model.

In SIRIUS context we are, together with partners, looking at new ways to exploit the vast amount of data that is stored in the National Data Repository DISKOS. By using insights and technologies from several of the SIRIUS strands, we believe it is possible to extract valuable information, correlations and hints on where to search for new patches of oil and gas. The value of finding a new Johan Sverdrup based on better data analysis of ‘old’ data in DISKOS, is the driving force for pursuing this holy grail. Furthermore the possibility of exploiting minor finds, better utilization of infrastructure and smarter production strategies are all ‘buried’ within the databank, waiting to be excavated if you have the right tools. The purpose and benefits speaks for themselves.

TietoEvry has upgraded the pre-qualification procurement database for the Norwegian Continental Shelf. This is called the Joint Qualification System and is hosted by EPIM. Through adding machine learning, intelligent search algorithms and other cognitive solutions, the new system has the potential to enhance and streamline the procurement process between 27 operating oil companies and nearly 4000 suppliers.

These are to name but two examples of the possibilities that SIRIUS opens for the extraction of value in Big Data by enhancing the access and analysis power in the oil and gas domain.