Geir Horn – Senior Advisor

Faculty Research Strategist

Leader of the Scalable Computing Research Program

Geir Horn is Head of European ICT Research at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and represents the Faculty on the SIRIUS strategic board and leads the SIRIUS Scalable Computing strand. He holds a Cand. Scient. degree in cybernetics and a PhD in computer science on mathematical learning in combinatorial optimisation problems, both from the University of Oslo. He started his career at the Centre for Industrial Research in Oslo working on embedded software and fieldbus sensor systems, leading him on to distributed and parallel computing. Geir’s current research interest is on stochastic combinatorial optimisation and how to handle complexity and services choreography for large-scale distributed applications through adaptation, autonomic decisions, self-awareness, and emergence.

Geir has previously held positions as senior scientist and research director at SINTEF in Oslo, before spending 4 years in more basic research at the SIMULA Research Laboratory. He has been working with European research for 20 years and has been coordinating 16 European collaborative projects ranging from coordination and support actions to large integrated projects. Geir has participated in multiple proposal evaluations for IST/ICT in FP5, FP6 and FP7 and has also been on the scientific review panel for several ICT projects within the areas of Cloud, communication technofixes, and Internet of Things.