Ontology Engineering Workshop, Oslo, 20th June 2019

The aim of this  roadmap workshop is to feed the ontology engineering research program with challenges and ideas for future work. The outcome of the workshop will be a roadmap: a report containing all the input from its participants and a summary of discussions and findings. This will be taken further by a SIRIUS scoping workshop which we expect to take place after summer 2019.
The workshop will take place at the Department of Informatics, UiO June 20. The preliminary program is to start at 9:00 and have participant  presentations before lunch and discussions and possibly break-out sessions after lunch.
The workshop involves  industrial and academic SIRIUS partners, but also interested external parties. Participation required submitting an abstract. The abstract should explain one or more  challenges that you wish to present at the workshop.  A challenge must be related to either *building, using or maintaining ontologies*, and should be *motivated by a real industrial need and from own experience*, but could also explain the reason for why ontologies are not used in your company. The abstract should explain in some detail *why* the challenge is a problem, i.e., why do you need this fixed. All accepted abstracts will be made available to workshop participants and SIRIUS partners.


To be confirmed