SIRIUS General Assembly

SIRIUS organizes General Assembly twice a year, in spring and fall. General Assembly in spring is considered a researchers event focused on the research output of the centre. The Fall GA is focused on the current year’s reporting and planning for the following year. All partners (academic and Industrial) and researchers actively participate in both General Assemblies. 

Upcoming General Assembly Event

SIRIUS Spring General Assembly 2023

The last SIRIUS General Assembly will be held at Thon Hotel Snø, Snølia 20, 1470, Lørenskog, on 28th and 29th August 2023. Please contact Adnan Latif or Lise Reang Elliott ,in case of any queries.

Structure of the Program

This program consists of :

–  SIRIUS consortium: Projects, Outcomes, Learnings, and discussing areas for future collaboration

–  Workshops on Information modelling framework, Knowledge-driven data science and Scalable computing

–  Closing ceremony and farewell party

Program Day 1


Welcome and Agenda | K. S. Tungland (Equinor), A. Waaler (UiO)
Keynote talk: Cognitive Technologies for Sustainable Value Chains  |D. Kyritsis (UiO)

Session 1: Presentation of SIRIUS projects

SIRIUS dissemination webpages |   A. Latif (UiO)

Session 2: SIRIUS outcome and learnings

– SIRIUS Feedback survey | L. Slaughter (UiO)

– Panel Discussion: Research collaboration between industry and academia @ SIRIUS: academic and industrial perspectives

– Summary and Q&A | K. S. Tungland (Equinor) 

– Way forward for SIRIUS research and innovation | A. Waaler (UiO) 

Session 3: Posters & Mingling session

Closing Ceremony, Dinner and Farewell Party

Program Day 2


Business meeting  |  A. Latif  (UiO)

Session 3:  Parallel Workshops:

Parallel workshops spanning the entirety of the day, focusing on a specific theme, collaboratively hosted by industrial partners and SIRIUS researchers

Workshop 1: Facility Asset Information Modelling Framework (IMF)  | A. Waaler (UiO)
Workshop 2: Knowledge-Driven Machine learning | B. Ell (Uni Bielefeld, UiO)
Workshop 3: Scalable computing for data intensive applications|  G. Horn(UiO)

Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 1: Facility Asset Information Modelling Framework (IMF)

The seminar will summarise the status on the development of IMF, including tutorials, use cases and information about the DNV Recommended Practice on IMF under development. 

Workshop 2: Knowledge-driven machine learning

We will present the ambition of the new SFF Integreat – The Norwegian Center for Knowledge-Driven Machine Learning, which will start in September 2023, and how the SIRIUS program on domain-adapted data science will continue as part of Integreat. Furthermore, we will have concept talks and visionary talks about knowledge-driven machine learning.

Workshop 3:  Scalable computing for data intensive applications

The seminar will cover infrastructure and middleware to facilitate applications analysing big data sets. There will be presentations covering the latest high performance computing infrastructure developments, and how high performance can be used for complex tasks like reservoir simulations. Persistent applications with variable resource demands will benefit from renting Cloud computing resources during peak load periods, and middleware automating this process will be presented and showcased. The use of digital twins for application optimisation in a Cloud-Edge-IoT continuum will be covered as a promising, new research direction.