Tor Skeie is professor in computer architecture at the University of Oslo, and adjunct research scientist at Simula Research Laboratory. He is a co-founder of Fabriscale Technologies developing an innovative fabric manager and analytics platform to ensure network reliability and efficient operation of cluster and cloud datacenter infrastructures. Skeie’s research has mainly contributed to the High Performance Computing (HPC) field. But, Skeie is also a researcher in the Industrial Ethernet and wireless networking areas. Some of his research results have been published in several of the most respected IEEE transactions and magazines. As the head of the ICON group at Simula Research Laboratory, Skeie has for years had a strong focus on collaboration with prominent industrial partners, such as Oracle, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Numascale, Silicon Graphics, Mellanox Technologies, and ABB. These collaborations have resulted in adoption of ICON technology that today is in commercial use.  Skeie has participated in a number of EU projects related to computing systems: MACRAMÈ (1993-1995), ARCHES (1995-1997), SIVSS (2004-2006), and NaNoC (2010-2013). Skeie has been the initiator of the following RCN-funded projects: ScaleM (verification of an innovative fabric management platform through a proof-of-concept prototype, 2012-2016), ERAC (Efficient and Robust Architecture for Big Data Cloud, 2013-2017), NumaMultiConnect (Cost-efficient HPC technology with mainframe capabilities – innovation project in the business sector, 2014-2017), SWISNET (Scalable Wireless Sensor Networks, 2006-2010). In SIRIUS, Skeie is managing the Simula Research Laboratory involvement in the centre.