Violet Ka I Pun is Associate Professor at the University College of Western Norway and a researcher in SIRIUS. Maryland. She uses formal methods to analyse behaviour and worst execution time of concurrent programs. In addition, she uses formal analyses to detect possible data leakage in concurrent programs.  She is also interested in formalising models for multicore architectures with multilevel caches, and to analyse the relationship between these architectures and the performance of software programs. Recently, she has been researching model-based business process planning with tool-supported and automated analyses in terms of formal methods.

Scientific interests: Concurrency programs, type and effect systems, worst execution time, taint analysis, cache coherent multicore architectures.

What triggers me scientifically: Curiosity is my main motivation to tackle scientific research problems.  Also, the process of researching the unknown subject is always fascinating, and motivates my scientific thinking.


Office telephone: +47 22 84 00 62

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