BigMed lighthouse project receives 60 mill NOK in funding from Research Council of Norway

The BigMed project has received 60 million NOK in funding from the Research Council of Norway IKTPLUSS Lighthouse program. Jan Rasmus Sulebak (right side on picture, Erik Fosse left side) presented the winners at the eHEALTH 2016 event. For one year ago it was more than 70 interested parties to participate in the IKTPLUSS program, and finally only three were awarded funding.
The vision behind the BIG data MEDical solution (BIGMED) is to lay the foundation for an ICT platform that addresses the analytic bottlenecks for the implementation of precision medicine, and paves the way for novel big data analytics. The solutions will provide the patients with an optimized care which takes their unique individual characteristics into proper consideration.
We have selected four patient groups in focus in the project;patients with lung cancer, colorectal cancer, sudden cardiac death and monogenic diseases. The BigMed consortium includes patient organisations, academic- and industrial partners. Patient organiation partners are Kreftforeningen,  Landsforeningen for hjerte- og lungesyke and Foreningen for hjertesyke barn. Industrial partners are DNV GLSykehuspartner HFIBM World Trade CorporationPubgene ASKunnskapsforlaget ANSDIPS ASAKarolinska Institutet and Oslo Medtech NCE. Clinical partners are Oslo University Hospital (The Intervention Centre, Department of Oncology, Department of Molecular Pathology, Department of Medical Genetics, Department of Cardiology), Norwegian Armed Forces Joint Medical Service and Oslo Center for Biostatistics and Epidemiology. Academic partners from University of Oslo are Department of Informatics (through the SIRIUS Centre) and The University Center for Information Technology. From NTNU Department of Computer and Information Science.