My research has covered several areas, including bio-medical information processing and integration, ontology reuse, ontology versioning and evolution, ontology alignment, and text mining. I have also designed novel algorithmic techniques and developed java-based tools to serve as a proof of concept of the conducted theoretical research. Currently I am assessing the opportunities and suitability of applying Semantic Web technology to Data Analysis tasks, namely data transformation, data understanding and data cleaning. I would also like to focus on the application of semantic embeddings, making use of RDF data, ontology and rules.

Scientific interests: Semantic Web, ontology alignment, Alignment repair, Evaluation, Semantic Web for Data Science

What triggers me scientifically: Probably the uncertainty. There is not always a clear path from the problem to the solution. Furthermore, I really like my work trying to address new challenges, engaging with the community and collaborating with fellow researchers to solve broader problems.