Honorary Doctorates to be awarded to SIRIUS scientific director and BigInsight associate

The University of Oslo awards Honorary Doctorates at its annual celebration. This year, Prof. Ian Horrocks, SIRIUS’ scientific coordinator, from the University of Oxford, is being honoured in this way. In addition Prof. Sylvia Richardson, from the University of Cambridge, a leading biostatistician who is affiliated with the BigInsight SFI will also be honoured.

Both professors will be holding public lectures in Helga Engs hus, Auditorium 3, Blindern.

Both lectures promise to be an accessible and engaging presentation into important areas of SIRIUS’ and BigInsight’s work.

For more details about the honorary doctorates see: September 1, 2017, the University of Oslo will award 16 new candidates with the degree of doctor of honoris causa, honorary doctorates.