Invitation to open HealthInsight Kick-off Workshop

The 1st HealthInsight open workshop takes place on May 20th 2016 from 9:00-16:00, at Institute of Informatics, University of Oslo, Ole Johan Dahls hus, 5th floor (room 5462), Informatikksalen. HealthInsight is a program accepted by Research Council of Norway for seed funding. This workshop is a project kick-off with the purpose of bringing together key stakeholders and other interested parties to discuss steps to advance Norway’s use of Big Data technologies in healthcare. Please see the program for further details. Purpose of the workshop: Bring together the community to meet and discuss steps to advance Norway’s use of healthcare big data. All interested participants are welcome! Place Registration for participation in the Workshop in this  Nettskjema

HealthInsight was Funded by NFR IKTpluss as a pre-project, 1-year funding with the following objectives:
-build community and partnerships that will advance Norway’s use of healthcare big data
-work towards technological and institutional infrastructure needed for accessing and integrating individual and population- based healthcare data for analysis
-develop and evaluate demos for querying and exploring large integrated datasets
-promote further research in the area of big healthcare data and disseminate innovative ideas for improving services in Norwegian public healthcare

institutions by integrating existing data sources.