ONTOPIC s.r.l.  is a young innovative SME, which was founded in April 2019, as the first spin-off of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. Ontopic provides consultancy services and develops software solutions for data and information integration.

The key expertise of Ontopic is techniques and technologies for data access, management, and integration based on Virtual Knowledge Graphs (VKGs). Ontopic develops and constantly improves software tools that support the VKG technology, thus lowering the cost of typical data integration projects. In this way, companies and organizations can readily exploit the value of their data assets and make such data available for Business Intelligence and applications based on Machine Learning.

In the past, the founders of Ontopic collaborated with the University of Oslo, Equinor, and DNV GL within the large EU Project OPTIQUE, working on data integration in the oil and gas domain using the VKG technology.  After OPTIQUE, this technology became mature and Ontopic was founded to commercialize it and promote its use in industry. SIRIUS, as a research center, has been tightly connected to OPTIQUE, and therefore it is a natural development for Ontopic to join it. Membership in SIRIUS gives us a unique opportunity to reach out to large industrial partners and, more in general, to several companies for which data is a critical asset that needs to be managed efficiently and effectively, and that could strongly profit from our technology.