PhD Defence for Vidar Klungre 14th October 2020

Vidar Klungre, a SIRIUS-financed PhD fellow, will be defending his thesis on Wednesday 14th October 2020. You can read the official announcement of the defence at the University of Oslo webpages. The defence will be run using video conferencing.

He is s defending the thesis Adaptive Query Extension Suggestions for Ontology-Based Visual Query Systems.

Many modern search systems allow users to narrow down their search by applying one or more search filters to the available data. This works well until the combination of filters becomes too restrictive, and no results remain. When this happens, the user needs to backtrack and remove the filter they just added, which is very counterproductive. In order to prevent this from happening, the search system should detect and disable too restrictive filters before the user activates any of them.

Current solutions are only able to do this in some special situations, but the solution presented in this thesis is more flexible and works in any situation.

Trial Lecture

His trial lecture will be on “Combining symbolic and non-symbolic knowledge representation for explainable AI solutions”.

A video of the trial lecture is available here: