SIRIUS at European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2017)

SIRIUS researchers Thomas Østerlie and Elena Parmiggiani from NTNU are chairing a session at this year’s European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2017) held in Guimaraez, Portugal this week. The track, ’The Internet of Things in Organizational Life’, links tightly with their on-going research within the SIRIUS technical strand on ‘Work practices’. ECIS is the premier European conference on topics related to ICTs and organization. Elena has also presented a paper at a pre-ECIS conference (IFIP WG 8.6) written along with colleagues from London School of Economis. Albeit based on research on digital drug delivery, this work provides a cross-domain understanding of the mutual influence of political issues and technological implementation in digital innovation, and how ‘big’ data influence knowledge-based policies at the national and international level; highly relevant issues for SIRIUS, too.