SIRIUS Innovation Forum

If your company wants to…

  1. Align your products and services with the problems being addressed in SIRIUS.
  2. Work with SIRIUS researchers and using SIRIUS open-source to improve their products and services.
  3. Work with SIRIUS to define projects for support by Innovation Norway, RCN and European funding sources.
  4. Recruit personnel from the Master’s program at the university.

Then the SIRIUS Innovation Forum is for you,

The Innovation Forum is a membership organisation, in which interested companies and individuals join, through the SIRIUS website. Basic, blue membership is free.

The Forum organizes two networking events each year:

  • One at or near the Subsea Valley conference.
  • A second as part of Oslo Innovation week or an event like OTD or ONS in Stavanger/Bergen.

These events allow companies, startups and SMEs to present and discuss their ideas, services and products with SIRIUS Partners and Researchers.

Forum Members also receive a copy of the SIRIUS Innovation Newsletter (twice per year) and have access to a private area of the SIRIUS website.  Gold members will, in addition gain facilitated access to the SIRIUS Laboratory software.

Register your interest on:

Blue Membership

  • Free of charge.
  • Free access to SIRIUS Forum networking events.
  • Subscription to SIRIUS Innovation Newsletter (twice per year).
  • Access to member’s area of SIRIUS website.
  • Access to propose and develop master’s and bachelor projects.
  • Discounted access to SIRIUS-arranged conferences and seminars.


Gold Membership

  • NOK 10000 plus VAT per year.
  • Sponsor membership.
  • Benefits of blue membership.
  • Recognition as sponsor on SIRIUS website and at SIRIUS seminars.
  • Facilitated access to the open SIRIUS laboratory deliverables.