SIRIUS Mid-Term Evaluation Successful.

We received a letter from the Research Council on 9th September 2019, This told us that the Board of the Research Council had received the report on the mid-term evaluation of the Centres for Research Based innovation. They decided on the basis of this report that SIRIUS’ contract will be extended to its full term of eight years. This allows us to proceed with our ambitions for demonstrated innovation in each of our beacon projects and research programs.

You can read the evaluators’ comments on SIRIUS on pages 74-80 of the report.

“The dialogue with industry that was carried out during 2018 using the “Partnership Canvas” tool is an excellent initiative. Using this in combination with the re-organisation from Strands to Beacon projects gives opportunities to close the “gap” between research and subsequent implementations of new technology.”

“The mentoring activities for early career researchers at SIRIUS are excellent. The centre has leveraged the programmes run by the University (i.e. FRONT) and developed their own 1-on-1 mentoring programme for staff development. The panel were very impressed with the SIRIUS Mentoring Program and believe it should be adopted as a best practice for all SFI centres.”

“The level of internationalisation in recruitment is very high, with many PhD students coming from EU states and outside the EU. Several young as well as established faculty members have an international background, including several Research Program leaders. The Centre has shown to be capable to attract and leverage the international community and has started to establish an internationally recognised brand.”