SIRIUS / PeTWIN / dScience Seminar, 1st December 2021, Digital Twins in Construction, Janne Aas-Jakobsen

Wednesday December 1st 2021, 2pm-3pm Oslo Time

This is first of a series of seminars on digital twins organized by the SIRIUS Centre for Research-Driven Innovation, the PeTWIN NFR research project and the dScience centre of the University of Oslo. The first of these seminars will be given by Janne Aas-Jakobsen, CEO of Consigli AS.

The seminar will be held virtually. Please register here to be sent a link for joining the seminar.

The digital twin for the building and construction industry has a very strong 3D-flavour and has been driven towards the ultimate visualization rather than a rich information model to support decision making. Consigli is developing a data-driven platform, aiming to design buildings by ML, Mathematics and coded domain knowledge – a self-designing engineer as a service. With hands on experience of the gap between the digital twin (BIM) and AI in the building and construction sector, Janne, the founder of Consigli, will present the ongoing research and development, challenges and opportunities related to their work.