Special issue on Ontology-Based Software Architectures for the Journal of Web Semantics.

SIRIUS researchers Martin Giese and Martin G. Skjæveland are editing a special issue of the Journal of Web Semantics, together with Roman Kontchakov from Birkbeck University of London. This issue will focus on Ontology-Based Software Architectures.

Submissions are due by 31st December 2020.


Semantic technologies and knowledge-based systems are gaining momentum in society and industry. A variety of standards, techniques and tools have become available for the development, deployment, and maintenance of ontologies and related artefacts. However, the use of ontologies as an active integrating component in complex software systems is less well understood. The lack of a clear understanding of the role of an ontology in a software system is one of the major challenges to the adoption of ontologies and semantic technologies in mainstream software. This special issue solicits best practices, practitioner insights and novel theoretical contributions to architectures, techniques, orchestrations of artefacts and tools for the realisation of successful ontology-based software systems.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Ontology-based software architectures
    • development methodologies, environments and tools
    • system architecture, ontology architecture
    • management and orchestration of multiple ontology-based systems
    • design and management of artefacts (ontologies, constraints, mappings, data sources, queries, interfaces, etc.)
  • Reports from real-world deployments and applications of ontology-based systems
    • lessons learned and new insights to the field
    • best practices of development, deployment and maintenance
    • benefits and costs, especially in comparison with alternative technologies
    • socio-technical aspects
  • Core technologies and tools relevant for the realisation of ontology-based systems
    • ontology engineering tools and methodologies
    • ontology reasoners
    • ontology alignment and integration
    • data quality and constraints
    • ontology-based data integration
    • ontology-based data access
    • ontology-driven user interfaces, including visualisation, query interfaces, etc.


Submissions must clearly state their contributions’ role and relevance in the application, development or management of ontology-based software systems.