What is SIRIUS?

SIRIUS is a Norwegian Centre for Research- driven Innovation that addresses the problems of scalable data access in the oil & gas industry. The centre combines public funding for basic research with funding from its industry partners into an 8 year programme for industrial innovation

The SIRIUS researchers are experts in IT technologies, including high-performance and cloud computing, database technology, semantic technologies and natural language processing. The centre also includes researchers in the area of working practices involving novel technology.

The centre aims to provide the oil & gas business with better ways to access and use the massive amounts of data that are generated in projects and daily operation. Problems with data access are made more acute by the rise of big data, the internet of things and digitalisation of enterprises. SIRIUS approaches these problems using an interdisciplinary approach, as successful innovation depends on the combination of technologies.

The centre is designed to support technological innovation through a portfolio of projects defined by the centre ́s board. These projects develop basic technology in laboratory projects and then move the technology through prototypes to pilots in industrial applications. The centre ́s intellectual property model is designed to build a core of open knowledge on which commercial applications can be built.

SIRIUS aims to be an intellectual hub for applied industrial IT in South-Eastern Norway. It has dedicated premises in the Informatics Department at the University of Oslo and collaborates widely, both nationally and internationally. Many of the results generated by the centre will also be of relevance outside the oil and gas industry. The centre is therefore also active in communicating and applying its results to other areas such as Healthcare, Manufacturing and Public Administration.

What is scalable data access?

We are all familiar with the difficulties of finding a specific file on a computer. For large companies, this translates to millions of files spread out over thousands of computers. Accessing the desired information equates to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack, assuming you know the correct haystack in which to begin your search. The main bottleneck limiting the exploitation of this data is the difficulty of accessing exactly the required data.


SIRIUS draws together a consortium of leading industrial organisations across the oil & gas value chain, including operators (Equinor), service companies (Schlumberger, DNV-GL and TechnipFMC) and IT companies (Computas, Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Evry,  IBM, Kadme, Numascale, OSISoft and SAP).

In SIRIUS these companies work with researchers from the University of Oslo, NTNU, the University of Oxford and Simula Research Laboratories.